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Passwords for POP/IMAP Email Accounts

Hosting servers have seen a sudden spike of attempts to "bruteforce" the passwords for mailboxes with generic names such as info@, admin@, support@, sales@, contact@, webmaster@, etc. The most vulnerable email accounts are those using "weak" passwords - usually a word, or a word with a few numbers added behind it. As always, we recommend you use strong passwords with 8-10 characters, using symbols such as ! ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { [ } ] : ; @ ~ # | \ < , > . ? / and of course, using both UPPER and lowercase alphabet and numbers.

Rombertik Malware

Cisco has detected new malware that evades detection unlike others that we have seen. "Rombertik is spyware designed to collect data on everything a victim does online, doing so in an indiscriminate manner" and can be "loaded into a system via a phishing campaign and malicious email attachments".

The best safe guard against this malware is to protect your network with multiple layers of security. To understand this better, contact CMS IP Technologies at 409-899-4438 or to read more about this malware, visit ZDNet where the above information was quoted from. You can also stay posted by visiting CMS on Facebook

Precautions for Network Threats

Malware and Viruses are at a high level. Getting infected can happen to any PC simply by being connected to the internet or an unprotected network. For this reason, we are advising all customers to take every precaution. Putting the right pieces in place to protect you will only help when your company uses "smart practices".

  • Be cautious when opening emails that you are not expecting or that appear to be mass emails.
  • Avoid emails with unknown addresses or embedded links
  • Do not go to websites that are not part of your daily work
  • Avoid downloading files from unfamiliar websites




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