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What is WebWatch Monthly Web Management And Why is it a Valuable Tool?

Your business has spent a great deal of money developing a website and you have placed your web address on all of your marketing collateral.

But who’s watching that website? Your customers see it every day, but do YOU?

Technology changes on a daily basis and that includes Internet Browsers. As this technology changes, it can cause fluctuations in your site. What looked good on the Internet 6 months ago may not even show up today, or it may load so slow, that your customers get impatient and close your page, moving on to the next site.

This is where CMS IP Technologies can help. Our WebWatch service will keep your site running smoothly on a daily basis, ensuring that you do not lose time or customers.

WebWatch Includes:

  • Insertion of Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic
  • Quarterly SEO Consultation
  • A weekly check and repair of broken page & image links
  • A weekly check for properly loading media (slideshows, video, etc.)
  • Verification of cross-browser functioning on top 3 major browsers
  • Priority turnaround on site revisions
  • A monthly backup of website
  • A reduced rate for BOH purchases
  • and more....

For more details on WebWatch or any of our other Managed Services, contact our sales staff today.

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